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Meg's Miniature Book Recommendations by Genre, 3mm Foam Books for Custom Jar of Miniature-Books


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    Need some books to add to your TBR list? Don't have a preference on which books fill your Miniature Book Jar? I'm happy to offer recommendations by genre! Simply select your favorite genre from the options, then the quantity of books you'd like me to recommend. Please note that this means the books you'll receive will be a surprise. You can use the Personalization box to tell me some titles you enjoyed reading, and I will do my best to make recommendations that you will enjoy.

    My experiences as an English teacher and as the owner of a small business dedicated to all things bookish (along with being an avid reader myself!) have introduced me to a wide variety of books, genres, and authors -- and I'd love to share some of my favorites with you! The books I gather will be hand-picked based on information provided.

    These miniature books are made with love and include double-sided covers, page details, and colored book spines to make it as authentic as possible to the original book it is modeled after while remaining perfectly simple. These books can be adding to your Custom Jar of Miniature Books, or find your own unique and crafty way to store or display them!

    They are the same as those that come in the Custom Jar of Miniature Books - made with 3mm thick foam and are sized at approximately a 1/2 inch wide by 3/4 tall, but vary slightly based on the size of the book it is modeled after. (Please note that these books are NOT the same as those in the Custom Miniature Book Ornament, Year of Books as they have different height, width, and thicknesses).

    Book Care:
    - To best preserve book cover images, store out of direct sunlight
    - Store in a container to prevent damage or fading from humidity, heat, or oxidization
    - Books come pre-pressed and should remain in good condition, but in the event the cover pages begin to curl, lay them all on a flat surface and press with a heavy item for 12-24 hours.