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Miniature Books, 2mm Foam Books for Custom Jar of Miniature-Books



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    These miniature books are made with love and include double-sided covers, page details, and colored spines to make it as authentic as possible to the original book it is modeled after while remaining perfectly simple. These books can be added to your Custom Jar of Miniature Books, or find your own unique and crafty way to store or display them!
    They are the same as those that come in the Custom Jar of Miniature Books - made with 2mm thick foam and are sized at approximately a 1/2 inch wide by 3/4 tall, but vary slightly based on the size of the book it is modeled after. (Please note that these books are NOT the same as those in the Custom Miniature Book Ornament, Year of Books as they have different height, width, and thicknesses).

    Please send custom information to megsmanycomfortcreations [!at], or you can use the personalization box or send to me in a message.

    Don't have a book list? Need some books to add to your TBR list? I'm happy to offer recommendations by genre! Please view the Meg's Miniature Book Recommendations listing on my shop's page.

    Book Care:
    - To best preserve book cover images, store out of direct sunlight
    - Store in a container to prevent damage or fading from humidity, heat, or oxidization
    - Books come pre-pressed and should remain in good condition, but in the event the cover pages begin to curl, lay them all on a flat surface and press with a heavy item for 12-24 hours.
  • Reviews

    Absolutely beautiful they look like you could just pick them up and start reading them. Amazing memento for readers!

    I absolutely love the mini books! They came out perfectly! Can't wait to line them all up!

    Amazing product, made perfectly and beautifully!

    Absolutely amazing. The cutest books I own

    Super cute and good quality