Hi, I’m Meg, the heart and hands behind Meg’s Comfort Creations.

My journey began in the classroom, where I spent a few years as an English teacher. The cornerstone of my teaching career was my love for books and reading, and it brought me immense joy to share that passion with my students. Yet, since the majority of my time was consumed by the demands of teaching, there was little room left for my creative pursuits, which have always felt like an essential part of who I am. In December of 2022, I made the difficult but exciting decision to leave the teaching profession and pursue my lifelong dream of opening a small business centered around my craft.
Initially, it was a small endeavor where I could channel my love for literature into creating unique, book-themed products. The early success and fulfillment I found in running Meg's Comfort Creations felt like a dream come true. It was so obvious to me that this was what I was meant to be doing. I am now in my second year of running Meg's Comfort Creations, and I could not be happier or more grateful for all the support this little business has found.