Hey there, fellow book-lovers!

Thank you so much for taking the time to join me here. Today's a good day, because I get to talk about my favorite creation in my shop - the beloved miniature books! 

miniature books

I've  always believed that books have the power to transport us to different worlds, evoke emotions, and inspire our imagination. These miniature books were born out of a deep love for literature and a desire to capture bookish greatness in a compact and adorable form. If you've perused my shop or bought some of these miniature books yourself, then you probably already know all the ways I have put them to use: miniature book jars, ornaments, and my newest creation - miniature book earrings!

all my miniature book-inspired creations: jars, ornaments, and earrings

While these miniature books are the perfect accessory and/or addition to your bookshelf, they also offer some creative possibilities beyond just display. In this post, I'll share some imaginative ideas - including inspiration from one of my crafty customers - on how to make the most of these miniature wonders.  Whether you're a book lover seeking to express your literary passion or a craft enthusiast looking for a new medium to explore, I hope these creative uses will spark your imagination and inspire you to embark on your own artistic adventures. Let's embark on a journey to discover the ways you can display and use these tiny treasures!

glass bottles, searchable at Michaels stores or on Amazon

There's a reason I sell the miniature books individually - I know there are some crafty people out there who will find their own way to display them! Beyond the jars and ornaments I offer, there's a world of possibilities for containing these tiny books. I recommend checking out the glass container aisle at your local Michael's or any other craft store for some tiny jars like these (don't forget to bring a miniature book to make sure it'll fit!)

If you're not into jar displays, don't feel limited by them! A far more clever way of displaying and using these miniature books was introduced to me by a customer.

booknerdsince1975 on Instagram

She's repurposed a candy dispenser to use as a miniature vending machine for her to-be-read books! This is an especially great idea if - like me - you have a really hard time choosing which book to read next. Simply have this vending machine dispense your next book for you! 

I love this as an incredibly creative alternative to simple jar displays, so kudos to booknerdsince1975 for having such an amazing idea! If you're interested in giving her a follow, she's @booknerdsince1975 on Instagram and @booknerdigan on TikTok. 

find candy dispensers to use as miniature book dispensers on amazon

If you'd like to use this idea, there are plenty of different candy dispensers available on Amazon. Full disclosure: Though I love these and think they are such a cute way to choose the next book on your to-be-read list, I have not tried these dispensers myself, and therefore can't speak for how well they actually dispense the books. If you're interested in trying these, be cautious that the books won't be damaged in the dispensing process.

Which brings me to my tips for ensuring your tiny treasures last forever!

Well, they probably won't last forever, unfortunately. But there are many ways to keep them in good condition and prevent distasters that severly shorten their lifespan. 

Making them out of paper and foam greatly increases their durability when they're being shaken around in jars and ornaments, but it also makes them susceptible to damage from spills and humidity. Therefore, when you're not admiring them, it's best to leave them in some sort of container with a lid to keep out any moisture.

Another hazard for your tiny books is sun exposure. If placed on a shelf with direct light, it's possible that the covers of your miniature books that have the most exposure may fade over time. Although I'm talking over the course of years, if you intend to remember your 2023 reads for many years to come, it's a preventative measure you may want to take. 

If you care to keep them at peak quality, my last recommendation is to ensure you've washed your hands recently before handling your miniature books, as oils from your hands can smear or fade the cover images after a while depending on how often you're handling them. 

Ultimately, remember your miniature books are your own and are meant to bring you happiness. If having them sit on a shelf looking adorable and untouched for many years will bring you comfort and happiness, then do it! If you want to take them out and examine each one every day, you'll find no judgement from me. If they become damaged and need to be replaced, or if you just want to add more to your collection, I'll always be happy to make more miniature books! 

sneak peek: shadow box bookshelf for miniature books

Thank you so much for staying with me until this point. To show my gratitude, I'm excited to share a sneak peek of an item that fits in with what we've discussed already and will be coming to my shop next month! 

You may have noticed I didn't include in this post the most obvious choice for book displays - bookshelves! I've seen some other shops, as well as many crafty people, use a tiny bookshelf like for a dollhouse to display their miniature books. I've decided to go a step further with my new creation to offer a gorgeous way to display your books that will keep them a bit more protected, as well. Unfortunately that, and my crude drawing of this idea above, is all I can share about it at this point. Keep checking back in to see this creation in my store within the next month!

That's all for today - thanks again for staying with me throughout this post. 

Until next time, fellow book-lovers!