my new puppy, the ornament that started it all, and my first books!

Thank you for visiting my comforting world of bookish and crafty wonders! As an avid reader and passionate creator, I find immense joy in sharing my love for books through unique, handmade products. Each creation is crafted with care and durability in mind, ensuring that they become cherished companions in your reading journey. From ornaments to jars, each filled with adorable little books! All creations are crafted to withstand the test of time. 

My journey began in the classroom, where I spent a few years as an English teacher. The cornerstone of my teaching career was my love for books and reading, and it brought me immense joy to share that passion with my students. However, while I truly enjoyed helping kids discover their love for books, the majority of my time was consumed by the demands of teaching, leaving little room for my creative pursuits, which have always felt like an essential part of who I am.

Once I made the decision to dedicate more time to my art, I transitioned into a substitute teaching position to allow myself more time and flexibility to balance both of my passions - teaching and creating. Throughout 2022, I found myself feeling so much gratification and joy in my art that by December of that year, I was motivated to pursue my lifelong dream of opening a small business centered around it. Initially, it was a small endeavor where I could channel my love for literature into creating unique, book-themed products. Thus, Meg's Comfort Creations was officially established! To my surprise and delight, the shop quickly gained momentum through sales and positive feedback from customers who shared my love for books and appreciated the craftsmanship of my creations. 

It was during that first holiday season of 2022, also the year when I finally rededicated myself to reading (and somehow found the time to do so in between teaching classes and taking care of a new puppy), that I found my bestseller. I was on social media when I scrolled upon clear ornament baubles that some crafty people had filled with all sorts of different tiny items. Inspired by my passion for reading and motivated by the near end of my reading list for the year, I sought to create some miniature books to have my reading lists for the year and years to come adorn my Christmas tree. I carefully handcrafted each miniature book, never imagining I was giving birth to a store dedicated to bookish creations. 

The early success and fulfillment I found in running Meg's Comfort Creations felt like a dream come true. It was so obvious to me that this was what I was meant to be doing. Encouraged by the shop's continued growth and my newfound sense of purpose, I made the difficult but exciting decision to leave the teaching profession to pursue my small business full-time. I am now in my second year of running Meg's Comfort Creations, and I could not be happier or more grateful for all the support this little business has found. 

I strive to bring the comfort of my bookish creations to everyone, which is why I offer affordable creations without compromising on craftsmanship. My creations are a labor of love, meticulously crafted to meet and exceed your expectations. I take pride in ensuring that each item is packaged with the utmost care, making sure it arrives at your doorstep in perfect condition. I hope you discover the perfect addition to your reading nook, a whimsical gift for a fellow book lover, or a cherished piece of art that brings a bit of comfort to your home. I invite you to explore my shop and explore the pages of all my bookish and crafty creations.